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Liz Lokey

Senior Production Consultant

Liz's 30-year career in television covers news and commercial production, as well as work in the NGO and government verticals. Her experience includes staffing and overseeing large events, building media teams, and working with clients to fill day of production needs. Liz has worked at ABC News, CNN and Reuters. Her corporate clients include Mercedes Benz, Johnson and Johnson, IMF, and Morgan Stanley. She has managed technical operations for Presidential elections, Inaugurations and Olympic events.

Amir Albourini

Production Coordinator

Inspired by his parents hard work and dedication to the field of Media, Amir graduated from George Mason University with studies concentrating on Communication and Media Production. Shorty after attaining his degree he pursued a career in Coordination integrating communication, cooperation and strategic planning. As production coordinator, Amir assures all Big Whig Media functionalities are running smoothly and productively. Amir’s top priorities are prompt and concise coordination with clients, ensuring clients needs are met in a timely manner, and quality control. Amir guarantees that clients production needs are met or exceeded with professionalism and excellence.

Ernie Crow

Senior Production Consultant