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Big Whig Media control room allows us to connect to our 6 studio spaces, interface with The Core and produce our broadcasts all in one room!

The control room is where we use our physical switchboard and digital Xpression workstation to coordinate productions.

It gives us direct access to our rooftop camera controls, our CamBot control, and other feeds to switch through them seamlessly The control room allows us to directly feed content to and from Satellite and Radio feeds, as well as all leading webinar platforms such  Zoom, Microsoft Teams, WebEx and any other comparable video platforms of choice for our productions. 

While you might be alone in the studio, you’re never “on your own.” Our team can actively communicate with our in-studio talent, remote talent, on-set crew and producers through our IFB microphones linked directly to discreet earpieces. Our control room is fully equipped with speakers that allow us to communicate with the entire set,case, an wis especially helpful for those new to broadcasting or taking advantage of our Media Training services.


Studio 1 features a 25’x25’ studio space with 13’ ceilings (10’ to light grid.) and is the focal point of most Big Whig Media productions. Studio 1 also sports a handy 10’ x 10’ wide green screen for shooting stand-ups on-demand. 

Our Ross Cambot heads on Miller air cushioned pedestals make framing any shots with our three Sony HXC-P70 cameras a snap. The cameras in Studio 1 are also equipped with CusScript through-the-lens teleprompter heads. 

The studio space features a customizable anchor desk that can support up to five people.

The anchor desk itself features NEC monitors as well as 3 additional NEC monitors around the studio walls that can be adjusted with ease and precision to give a depth-of-field for our productions.


Studio 2 is about a 20’x20’ space with 11’ ceiling (8’6” to light grid.) and is the home of many of our podcast and vodcast productions. Much like studio 1 we can record and use CusScript through-the-lens teleprompter heads for script reads, We often change the cameras in studio 2 based on the technical requirements of our clients.  

Studio 2 features a moveable lower style 4-person podcast desk with a center background monitor and an adjustable monitor attached to the desk. The space is fully customizable to fit a fire-side chat style set up adding a natural element to productions. 

Studio 2 also features an 8’ x 8’ green screen for stand-up needs. To make the most efficient use of our guest time, we typically often shoot projects in studio 1 and escort talent to studio 2 for the green screen captures we need to keep both studios active for our clients. 

Both studios 1 and 2 are fully equipped with LED lighting controlled via an ETC Eos system, displaying an array of color choices, without the typical heat and intensity of traditional lighting systems.


BWM is a 1080i/59.94Hz standard house. The center of our technology is separated from the studios and control room in what we call ‘The Core.’ 

At the epicenter of The Core we selected industry leading equipment from Ross Video. Our primary studio space is served by a Ross Graphite switcher and the Xpression CG & Graphics system. Premium features of this system include; physical inputs and robust virtual links between the GC system and switcher that allow for nearly unlimited remote guest feeds, alongside our in-studio cameras. In Studio 2 and our uplink rooms our productions are powered by Ross Carbonite Solo 9 switches, with 9 inputs per switcher. 

Modern video production requires adapting to multiple frame rates and resolutions. For Big Whig Media, we can adapt to this challenge via our dual AJA Video FS-2 Converters to get the job done. 

Integrating multiple systems through The Core is a complex task made easier thanks to our Ross Ultrix 12G router which enables us to manage our video paths and audio paths without loss of quality. Our FerroFish A32 makes audio transport between MADI, Dante and Analog audio just as easy when needed. 

Say goodby to embarassing video lags! LTN, LiveU, Switch and our Dual Redundant Fiber Internet connections keep us tied into the world. By keeping our camera control units secured in “The Core” alongside image stabilizers for our Rooftop Cameras and fiber link to the magnificent ballroom spaces at the Willard Intercontinental, we’re able to ensure uninterrupted, seamless video transmission. 


Big Whig Media’s studios also contain our 4 Editing Suites where our team’s dedicated editors take advantage of our state of the art Apple hardware to edit our productions. 

Our editors are exceptionally proficient (but not limited to) video production software from the Adobe Creative Cloud including: 

Adobe Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Illustrator, InDesign and Express Engine 

Our in-studio and on-sight productions are also supplemented with our team’s access to leading stock footage repositories, ensuring your footage meets appropriate copyright requirements 

All of our productions whether they are podcasts, explainer videos, internal communication materials, tv show productions, virtual events, hybrid events, public service announcements, or commercial productions are given special attention by our skilled editor team.

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