Three New Shows – Big Whig Podcasts

Three New Shows – Big Whig Podcasts

WASHINGTON – American Maritime Podcast, 80-Proof Politics, and DC EKG are new to the Evergreen Network through the 2022 partnership with Big Whig Media, a full-service multimedia production studio in the heart of Washington, D.C. American Maritime Podcast engages the leading voices in American maritime to discuss the leading issues around domestic shipping and waterways. 80-Proof Politics distills the art of advocacy in our nation’s Capital and explores how policy proposals are created by tens of thousands of people working behind the scenes. In DC EKG, two friends explore and explain “the what and why” of Washington, through predictions of what public flashpoints mean for elected officials, government executives, and C-Suite managers.

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About Big Whig Media

Big Whig Media is a full-service multimedia studio based in the heart of downtown Washington, DC in the courtyard of the historic Willard Hotel. Designed to meet its clients every media need, Big Whig Media offers multi-camera, high-definition broadcast studios, satellite uplink capabilities, advanced editing competencies, podcast, radio and streaming capabilities, in-person media training and rooftop camera feeds of iconic Washington sites.

Since its inception in 2019, Big Whig Media has produced talk shows, news briefs, podcasts, satellite media tours, webcasts and conducted media training for organizations in healthcare, transportation, media, construction, cybersecurity and more. To learn more. Take a Virtual Tour.

About Evergreen Podcasts

Evergreen Podcasts’ mission is to become the largest independent podcasting company worldwide, committed to a premier collection of shows from an international cast of storytellers. Offering global distribution and platforms for dynamic podcast growth, Evergreen produces content that celebrates modern influencers and personalities. Top thought leaders and breakout brands choose Evergreen to create inspiring stories through branded content, original shows, and partner podcasts.

Our team specializes in comprehensive podcast production, creative marketing, and distribution solutions, connecting brands to a broader audience. The Company, which launched with four original podcasts in 2017, now manages over 200 shows across six unique podcast networks. Learn more about Evergreen Podcasts and check out our complete lineup of shows. Our storytelling podcasts have something for everyone.

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