Big Whig Media Announces New Virtual Townhall Capabilities

Big Whig Media Announces New Virtual Townhall Capabilities

Big Whig Media Announces New Virtual Townhall Capabilities

Partnership with Broadnet Enables Live Interactive Communications

Big Whig Media, a full-service TV production studio and multimedia center in downtown Washington, D.C., announced today a partnership with Broadnet, a communications technology company that enables live, interactive conversations using its secure technology platform.

This partnership allows for policymakers, world leaders, advocacy groups, newsmakers, and organizations to engage with hundreds of thousands of people through Broadnet’s tele-conferencing platform, while using Big Whig Media’s state-of-the-art cameras and studios at its downtown facility. 

“Big Whig Media is the only studio facility offering this capability,” said Keith Nahigian, co-founder of the new multimedia complex which opened in December. “With the platform allowing those in D.C. to deliver their message and content and get instant feedback from their audiences, it will change the way people host town halls, conferences and large meetings.”

Offering Big Whig Media as a premier location is Broadnet’s latest offering for Washington-area customers, allowing for those using the platform to reach more attendees than traditional in-person events and connect virtually with people from all over the nation.

This offering is an ideal communications solution for:

  • Elected officials at the local, state and federal level to engage constituents on the key public policy issues of the day
  • Political campaigns and candidates looking to reach out, educate, and engage potential voters
  • Associations that want to connect instantly with their membership
  • Entertainers, musicians, celebrities, authors, or public speakers who want to reach thousands of fans – wherever they are, to share news, take questions or promote events
  • Professional or collegiate sports teams can connect season ticket holders and fan club members with important team personnel and their favorite players

“The partnership with Big Whig Media means we’re able to better serve our customers by now offering a premier downtown D.C. location for hosting events,” said Broadnet CEO Steve Patterson. “From lawmakers to newsmakers, this partnership will allow those in Washington with a message to have the ability to deliver the right content to the right people on the right platform.” 

With a 10×10’ green screen backdrop and large HD monitors available, those hosting interactive, virtual townhalls can have live interaction while showing various images, backdrops, reports, graphics and more, making this a great option for sharing reports, white papers, and research as well. 

Big Whig Media was created to allow individuals, businesses, and organizations to create digital content to tell their story; the partnership with Broadnet means these groups can now engage, influence and grow their audiences right here in Washington, DC.