RealClearPolitics Discusses 2020 Elections at Big Whig Media

RealClearPolitics Discusses 2020 Elections at Big Whig Media

RealClearPolitics, founded by two news junkies from their Chicago apartment, grew out of a passion for combing the internet for the most interesting political stories of the day. Fast forward two decades, and RealClearPolitics has grown from an intelligent aggregator into a comprehensive media company.

Recently this group recorded high-quality content in our downtown D.C. studio facility, Big Whig Media. One of Real Clear Politics most notable features, the RCP Poll Average, changed how people talk about public opinion surveys during an election cycle. It’s also the most cited source for U.S. political polling information, and allows political experts, campaign consultants, and ameteur political junkies an accurate read on the state of the election. The RCP Poll Average is trusted for use in campaign documents and is widely cited by organizations including The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Financial Times, FOX News, CNN, USA Today, and MSNBC.

Because RealClearPolitics is the trusted, go-to source for news, Big Whig Media, one of D.C.’s few independently owned studios, and the only featuring a ground-level facility just steps from the White House, served as a perfect location for RealClearPolitics to create content.

Their team previewed the upcoming Democratic debate, and discussed how candidates would fare in the 2020 election against President Donald Trump. Check out a few snippets from their productions, and be sure to visit RealClearPolitics to see videos of the full production.


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